Somerville, MA 02144; July 15, 2002 – Solidwave Software proudly announces
the release of RADicode 1.0, a new rapid application development tool
designed to save weeks, even months, of application development time.
RADicode bridges the gap between the GUI capabilities of REALbasic and the
flexibility of PowerPlant. By simply dragging and dropping a REALbasic
project file onto the RADicode icon, developers instantly get well
organized, documented source and resources allowing a smooth and rapid
transition between prototyping and coding.

“We wanted to give application developers the best of both worlds,” says
Brad McKesson, Vice President of Engineering. “With RADicode, you can build
any kind of application intuitively through REALbasic, with all of the
capabilities of PowerPlant.”

RADicode implements standard Macintosh UI behavior such as Quit, New,
Close, Cut, and Paste. The code created by RADicode=81 follows PowerPlant’s
best practices, conventions, and guidelines. Defensive programming
techniques are used generously throughout the code via asserts, object
validation, and exception handling. Other features include:

* Derezed resources for easier editing of generated resources
* Targets for 68K, PPC, Carbon, and FAT
* Debug menu for leak checking, memory, and resource validation

McKesson comments, “By bringing their prototypes close to the final product
sooner, RADicode allows development teams to work more responsively with
designers and clients than ever before. I think that’s critical in creating
a successful product.”

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About SolidWave Software:
SolidWave Software was founded by Brad McKesson. Mr. McKesson brings 12
years of software development experience which has given him a keen insight
on the needs of today’s increasingly complex software development issues.
Brad McKesson holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
from MIT.