Announcment of PG_Tooltip:

What is PG_Tooltip?

With PG_Tooltip you get an complete Tooltip-Engine for Mac OS and Mac OS X.
It gives you the possibility to add tooltips for your controls on a very
easy way. PG_Tooltip is no freeware, you can buy it for 10 Euro directly
from us. For ordering PG_Tooltip send us an e-mail. We will tell you how to
transfer the money and after we received the money you will receive the
hole package via e-mail as an Stuffit-Archive.

What is included in the package?

This package includes all Classes and Modules for using tooltips inside
your own REALbasic projects. It also contains a sample window with the
basic functionality and IDE-Extras for the use with REALbasic 4.x. The
sample project ‘Tooltip.rb’ shows how to use the package.

How to install the package?

Drag the folders ‘PG_Basic_Window’ and ‘PG_Tooltip’ in your own REALbasic
project. You will find them inside the folder ‘Classes & Modules’. If you
use REALbasic 4.x you can put the folder ‘Tooltip’ into the folder ‘IDE
Extras:Templates’ of your REALbasic development environment, so you can use
two extra code snippets. You will find the folder inside the folder ‘IDE

How to use PG_Tooltip?

1. Add an Application class to your project.
2. Insert a new Property ‘gToolTip as PG_Tooltip’ to the Application class.
3. Initialise the property at startup time ‘gToolTip = new PG_Tooltip’.
4. If you use RB3.x copy the code from ‘PG_Basic_Window’ into your own
If you use RB4.x set the super of your windows to ‘PG_Basic_Window’.
5. To give your controls the functionality for the Tooltips you must set
the following Events:

MouseDown : self.hide_Tooltip
MouseEnter : self.show_Tooltip(“Your text for this Tooltip”,me)
MouseExit : self.hide_Tooltip

You can also use the code snippets under REALbasic 4.x.

6. You have finished the implementation.
7. Run your project and see how it works 🙂

A full functional DEMO is available under:

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