Singlestep Technologies Announces Free Download of the Check All TCP
Services Application for Mac OS X, built by Peter Lewis of Stairways
Software using VNOS 1.0

Seattle, WA. July 1, 2002. Today Singlestep Technologies
announced the creation and distribution of an application built by
Peter Lewis of Stairways Software using VNOS 1.0, the Visual Network
Operating System from Singlestep Technologies. The application, Check
All TCP Services, monitors and applies policies and actions for SMTP,
POP, HTML, and FTP functions on any two domains. Status and controls
are displayed in a unified visual control panel.

The Check All TCP Services application enables IT and network
professionals to automate the monitoring and application of pre-set
policies that trigger the appropriate pre-defined actions.  Check
All TCP Services is currently built to support two URLs at any given
time. Additional URLs can be added by cloning the application and
creating a new interface that aggregates the views of all the data
monitored into a single view.

Lewis used 8 VNOS Widgets to visually build the Check All TCP
Services monitoring system, which runs every 5 minutes and returns the
results into the control panel. VNOS comes with an Objects Inventory
of more than 34 programming blocks called Widgets. The Widgets enable
you to quickly build applications through the VNOS actions of cloning
and aliasing. This application shows the power of VNOS monitoring,
applying policies and triggering actions based on those policies

"Building the Check All TCP Services application in VNOS was
quite easy, and also a lot of fun. After using VNOS for a while, I’m
still convinced that VNOS was the coolest thing I saw at Apple’s
recent WWDC!" says Peter N. Lewis, creator of Interarchy,
NetPresenz and numerous other Macintosh Internet applications.

"Having a VNOS application built by someone as legendary as
Peter Lewis is a real affirmation for us," say Mark Lacas,
co-creator of VNOS and chairman of Singlestep Technologies. "We
believe the response to Peter’s application will be phenomenal and
that the IT and Sys Admin folks who use it will quickly realize how
VNOS can be applied to the complex tasks of Network Management. And
because the application is built with VNOS, everyone who downloads
Peter’s application can use VNOS to extend and modify the application
to meet their exact needs."

Lewis’s Check All TCP Services application can be downloaded for
free at along with a 30-day, fully functioning
evaluation copy of VNOS. Registration is required to download the
application.  The Check All TCP Services application will
continue to function after the evaluation copy. Developer
subscriptions, which include a one-year license of VNOS, are available
starting at just $99 per year. VNOS 1.0 is certified for both

About Singlestep Technologies

Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is a leading developer of software
for networking and information management. Its patented, flagship
product VNOS (Visual Network Operating System), allows the simple
creation of visual, intent-oriented applications on a computer to
monitor, manage, control or interoperate any collection of networkable
devices and applications. Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is based in
Seattle, WA. For more information on Singlestep Technologies, VNOS and
the VNOS Developer Network, please visit

About Peter Lewis

Peter N. Lewis is the founder and director of Stairways Software
Pty Ltd. He has been making popular Macintosh Internet software since
1990, including the award-winning Interarchy, and has won numerous
awards including MacUser’s Rising Star Award, Apple’s Cool Tools
Award, USENet Macintosh programming Award, and MacHack’s Lifetime
Achievement Award.