TimeSlice from Casady & Greene, the simple yet powerful time-tracking and
billing application, has a new version–2.5 for Macintosh.

TimeSlice easily tracks the time spent on multiple business projects and
client jobs! The simple yet powerful invoicing and exporting of time data
are reasons why consultants, attorneys, web and graphic designers say:
“TimeSlice is the best time tracking app on the market. I don’t miss a
second…I don’t miss a penny of billing!” and “Thanks for making a really
useful utility, my business wouldn’t run without it.”

TimeSlice version 2.5 makes tracking the time you spend on multiple
business projects and client jobs more powerful, yet TimeSlice remains an
easy-to-use application users love.

New TimeSlice features:
*New! Invoicing capability
Now you can create and print invoices directly from TimeSlice
*New! Application Tracking
Now automatically track the time spent working in different applications
*New! Inline Editing
Now edit the Elapsed time, Paused Time and Expenses columns–within the
main window
*New! File formats
The default file format now includes ‘Job’ information (clients, projects,
billing rates, etc.), which can easily be taken to another computer–one
easy step!
*Plus much, much more!

Registered users of TimeSlice Mac 1.x-2.x may upgrade for only $29.95. To
upgrade, please visit: (http://www.casadyg.com). The upgrade is available
as an electronic download (the physical product will be shipping soon).

Eliminate the tiresome chore of hand billing by using TimeSlice to:
*Achieve accurate time recording–instantly! *Export TimeSlice job reports
to spreadsheets and accounting programs! *Create and print invoices
directly from TimeSlice! *Track time spent on multiple projects

“Simple to understand,” “easy-to-use,” “manages multiple projects easily,”
are the overwhelming reasons why attorneys, contractors, and small and
large business owners say: “I have found NONE better. It manages my large
projects quite well. I love the fact that you can have different categories
that have a different $ assigned to them. It has saved me quite a lot of
time.” and “TimeSlice is an elegant, easy to use, stopwatch/timesheet
program that has been a favorite among attorneys for years.”

Mac users can get more info and download a demo at:

TimeSlice Mac has a suggested retail price of $59.95. To purchase TimeSlice
Mac please visit: (http://www.casadyg.com). TimeSlice Mac is available as
an electronic download (the physical product will be shipping soon).

System Requirements:
*Mac OS 8.6-10.x
*Requires CarbonLib 1.4, 1.5 is recommended
*Recommended monitor resolution is 1024×768

About Casady & Greene:
Casady & Greene has published innovative software products for business and
consumer needs since 1984.

The list below exemplifies the award-winning standards that have been
synonymous with Casady & Greene software since 1984. These high standards
are being continued on the Windows platform as well. If you need the
experience and contacts to bring your Macintosh or Windows program to
market, we can help. Learn more about publishing opportunities by
contacting us today!

Our impressive list of “firsts” on the Mac includes:
*First carbonized product for Mac OS X-2000
*First full-featured MP3 player/encoder for the Macintosh-1999
*First system utility to receive a perfect 5-star rating from Macworld
*First Power Mac Native game-1994
*First Power Mac Native startup manager-1994
*First Macintosh color game-1988
*First downloadable Postscript fonts-1984
*One of the first to produce a commercial Newton game-1993