Yazsoft has updated ShareTool (http://www.yazsoft.com/st/) for Mac OS X, which lets you access all of your Bonjour services from anywhere in the world, to version 2.2.4. The new version is ready for Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

Formerly known as Rendezvous, Bonjour lets you create an instant network of computers and smart devices by getting them connected to each other. ShareTool automatically configures routers supporting NAT-PMP or UPnP. Remote services automatically appear in the Finder, iTunes, and other applications.

ShareTool 2.2.4 costs US$15 for a single license, $25 for a two-user license and $45 for a family pack (five licenses). Users that purchased ShareTool 1.x from April 13 to May 13, 2010 are entitled to a free 2.x upgrade.

Also, with every ShareTools purchase you get two freebies: the Attachments Menu and Unblunder. The Attachments Menu indexes all Apple Mail messages that contain attachments and puts them in an organized, always accessible menu bar. Unblunder: protects against accidental data loss. Unblunder offers Mac OS X a “Recently Deleted” feature, giving you a chance recover files before they’re trashed.