Newer Technology Reopens Under New Ownership
New Apple Macintosh Processor Upgrades are Readied for Market

WICHITA, Kan. — 06/00/02 — Newer Technology, widely known for Macintosh
processor upgrades, has reentered the Mac space. Under new leadership,
Newer will be selling completely new products as well as selected, proven
‘MAXpowr’ upgrade designs that fueled Newer’s $60 million growth.

The intellectual property was purchased by a former Newer employee, Rick
Estes of Wichita, Kansas. All of the copyrights, patents and engineering
design work was part of this acquisition. The long term business plan is to
build a better Newer Technology through new product introductions as well
as producing those upgrades that were the basis of Newer’s success.

Newer Technology built a 15-year history by making quality Macintosh
upgrades and the new management will continue and enhance this reputation.
“We have had such positive encouragement from customers that the future
should be very exciting,” said Rick Estes. “We are going to leverage
Newer’s strengths and learn from the problems that eventually brought Newer
down.” There has also been much excitement from international markets where
Newer is a highly valued brand name. “Reintroducing the Newer Technology
brand into Europe and Japan are high on our To Do list,” stated Estes.
Newer Technology is rehiring a number of ex-Newer employees to assist in
reinventing the company.

Newer Technology is in the process of building a sales distribution channel
so that Newer products will be available where customers expect to find
them. Product drivers and other utility software are currently available on
the Newer Technology website at This should
eliminate the need for customers to locate Newer Technology internet mirror

For more information contact Newer Systems Technology, 7777 E. Osie, Suite
304B, Wichita, Kansas 67207, email at or visit the
website at