MILLBURN, New Jersey, June 5, 2002 — DC&R, developer of high performance
tools for web servers since 1996, today released The ZipBurst CGI 3.0 for
Mac OS. Available immediately and a FREE update to all 2.0 Lite and Pro
owners. The new version improves performance and adds features not found in
other location-based search applications.


The ZipBurst CGI Pro performs multi-threaded location-based web database
searches of your flat or relational database files. The CGI has many tags
to support complex custom report generation with conditional tags, loops,
variables (with extensive math, string, and date operations) and relational

Create a dealer locator, a store locator able to find a store with an item
in stock within 25 miles, a location-based dating service, add proximity
searches to a job board, or any type of application that needs to find by
proximity to a location.

Web visitors can enter a ZIP Code, Canadian Postal Code, City, State, or
Area code to search by proximity to that location. Additional search
criteria can be added to search your database on one or many other fields
as well as distance. Search results may be sorted in any order based on
distance or the data in each database record.

DC&R’s David Dantowitz says, “If there’s a feature you need and it’s
reasonable, we’ll add it. We wrote every line of code in the application
from the ground up — no third party database libraries or limitations they
might impose.”

Pricing starts at $200 for US support or $350 for US and Canada. 5-Pack
pricing is also available.

The CGI also integrates easily with other CGIs or plug-ins, enabling you to
continue using your tags and programming for MGI, Lasso, FMPro, WebSiphon,
NetCloak, PHP, Perl, etc.

Can’t run the CGI on your web server? We’ll host it for you!

DC&R also offers it ZipServe hosting service for clients who need to
outsource their location-based searching, see (http://www.zipserve.com/).
It’s fast, simple, and easy.

If you don’t need LOCATION-BASED searching, you owe it to yourself to check
out the LITE version of the CGI. It supports an UNLIMITED number of
databases, users and search pages and can ring circles around other web
database search tools.

You say you need a version for Mac OS X?

You can run Mac OS Classic ACGIs on Mac OS X Server and Mac OS X today,
including The ZipBurst CGI. A native Carbon version for Mac OS X is due
this summer.

Some of the new features in 3.0 include support for:

Embedded (in-line) CGI calls (refine a search by launching a new one
within an existing search if you want to change the search parameters)
HTTP and HTTPS include
Show all ZIPs in a radius
Look up state and / or city from a ZIP or area code

For details on new features see: (http://www.zipburst.com/whatsnew.txt)

For more information, contact David Dantowitz at 201-532-3053 or