Singlestep Technologies Announces VNOS Compatibility
With Perl, Python, and AppleScript

Developers and network administrators can now incorporate new and existing
scripts into custom-built VNOS applications

Seattle, WA. June 04, 2002. In a newsletter released to their developer
community, Singlestep Technologies announced today that Perl, Python, and
AppleScript can be integrated into VNOS applications using the VNOS Command
Tool Widget. The Command Tool is the interface by which VNOS can
communicate with the system shell. With Command Tool developers can run
utilities, interact with a shell, run scripts, and launch applications from
within VNOS applications.

By including scripts for existing processes and systems, developers and
network managers can quickly build custom VNOS applications to optimize
instead of replace previous work. Through the basic VNOS functions of
Aliasing and Cloning (actions that mirror and reuse the Cloned or Aliased
Objects’ programmed configuration) script results can now be processed
through pre-set policies that automatically launch specified events, such
as sending an email notification or reconfiguring hardware. a server.

“Developers and network managers rely on Perl, Python, and AppleScript to
handle routine actions that keep their mission critical systems up and
running,” says Rick Gregory, General Manager for Products at Singlestep
Technologies. =D2Our customers already have systems in place that meet some
of their needs. With VNOS, it is easy to extend those existing programs and
processes to handle recurring and routine tasks giving them the exact
application they need without wasting previous work.”

The Command Tool Widget is just one of the 32 Widgets that create the VNOS
1.0 visual programming environment. A 30-day free trial is available for
download at the VNOS Web site, ( To
download instructions on using Perl, Python, and AppleScript with VNOS, go

About VNOS

VNOS, the Visual Network Operating System, from Singlestep Technologies, is
a patented product platform that allows users to seamlessly integrate data
from any number of sources into an intent-driven, visual interface for a
more efficient method of network management.

About Singlestep Technologies

Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is a leading developer of software for
networking and information management. Its patented, flagship product VNOS
(Visual Network Operating System), allows the simple creation of visual,
intent-oriented applications on a computer to monitor, manage, control or
interoperate any collection of networkable devices and applications.
Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is based in Seattle, WA. For more
information on Singlestep Technologies, VNOS and the VNOS Developer
Network, please visit