New Products Deliver Low-Cost Uncompressed Video Quality for Motion
Graphics Artists and QuickTime Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, May 30, 2002 – Pinnacle Systems, a leader in digital
video content creation tools, today announced the immediate availability of
Cin=E9Wave Classic, a new low-cost uncompressed video system created for
motion graphic artists and video editors who already own Final Cut Pro.
Pinnacle Systems also commenced shipment of Cin=E9Acquire, a comprehensive
video capture and device control application and plug-in for both Adobe
After Effects and Pinnacle Systems Commotion Pro.

Justin R. Allen, President of Katana Interactive said, “We have been
eagerly awaiting both Cin=E9Wave Classic and Cin=E9Acquire since they were
unveiled at NAB. These two products represent the perfect upgrades for both
our graphic and video departments. Now these departments and our promo
staff can easily bring the highest-quality full resolution video, including
HD video, into their compositing applications without tying up valuable
editing resources.”

Costing nearly 30-percent less than the previous entry point, Cin=E9Wave
Classic delivers the same pristine, uncompressed video for creating graphic
intensive intros, outros, IDs, and promos using popular QuickTime-native
applications. Cin=E9Wave Classic also provides Final Cut Pro owners with a
cost-effective solution for stepping up to true professional video editing
formats and functionality. Cin=E9Wave Classic includes one of several
available Cin=E9Wave I/O breakout boxes, which include a 10-bit SDI Pro
Digital breakout box, as well as the Cin=E9Acquire application and plug-in
module. Cin=E9Wave Classic also includes the same TARGA Cin=E9 Engine availa=
with all Cin=E9Wave products. Cin=E9Wave Classic is easily upgraded to Cin=
RT and Cin=E9Wave HD configurations simply by attaching a breakout box or
loading new software.

Pinnacle Systems has significantly enhanced the feature set of Cin=E9Acquire=
a powerful application introduced at NAB that expands the video graphics
design capability of any Cin=E9Wave-equipped Power Mac G4 by providing
direct, frame accurate, machine control for sophisticated video capture and
record to tape. Cin=E9Acquire works as both a stand-alone application and as
a plug-in module for Pinnacle Systems Commotion Pro and Adobe After
Effects. Cin=E9Acquire allows users to efficiently perform critical tasks
such as frame grabs and batch captures with complete RS-422 deck and device
control in NTSC/PAL and widely used HD formats. Cin=E9Acquire includes
support for the 720p High Definition format, FireWire (IEEE 1394) deck and
device control, frame capture with timecode, import and export of Final Cut
Pro, and tab delimited batch lists and record-to-tape functions.
Cin=E9Acquire also includes the Pipeline Digital RS-422 Device Control Cable
for easy connectivity to VTRs and other external devices.

Pinnacle Systems Senior Product Manager, Andrew Baum, said, “Our objective
is to provide motion graphics artists and video professionals with the
maximum flexibility for getting superior quality video into the
applications they rely on every day. At the same time, it is important that
the solutions don’t create new complications in the workflow. Cin=E9Acquire
is probably the ultimate expression of those goals, providing motion
graphics professionals with a comprehensive set of tools for precision
video capture without the overhead.”

Cin=E9Wave Classic is available immediately at a base price of $5,495 (US).
Cin=E9Acquire is now included with all new Cin=E9Wave systems and can also b=
ordered independently for $195 (US) from a preferred Pinnacle Systems’
Cin=E9Wave reseller.

About Cin=E9Wave
Cin=E9Wave is software and hardware seamlessly working together to deliver
unprecedented quality and flexibility on the Apple(r) Power Mac(tm) G4.
QuickTime native from start to finish, Cin=E9Wave is scalable, flexible, and
designed to work in a wide range of environments including: DV, DigiBeta,
uncompressed 601, PAL, NTSC, 1080i, 1080p, 4:3, 16:9, DVD, and Web.

About Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems provides cutting-edge digital video creation, storage,
streaming, and viewing solutions for broadcasters, video professionals, and
consumers. Pinnacle Systems solutions help enable the creation, management,
and distribution of video via cable, satellite, video-on-demand (VOD),
digital video disks (DVDs), and the Internet, along with consumer editing
products for home movie making and DVD creation. The company has won eight
Emmy Awards for its technical innovations for broadcast products and
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