Raining Data is pleased to announce the release of the oXML plug-in for the
Omnis Studio and mvDesigner application development products.

XML is becoming the standard format for data storage and information
exchange across the whole eBusiness landscape. XML has already
revolutionized several business sectors, including content management,
information publishing, and news syndication, and its adoption looks set to
continue throughout all areas of business, academic, and scientific

The Document Object Model (DOM) is an Application Programming Interface
(API) that allows you to build XML and HTML documents, navigate their
structure, modify, or delete elements and content. The oXML plug-in
implements the DOM Level 1 API to access XML documents as defined by the
World Wide Web Consortium on their Web site at http://www.w3c.org/DOM/DOMTR.

oXML adds the ability to parse and extract information from an XML document
and to generate new XML documents using a standard set of methods provided
by the DOM API.

The oXML component also allows you to display an XML document in the Omnis
tree list component, which is well suited to displaying the hierarchical
structure contained in XML documents. The component offers additional
methods for quickly converting an XML document to and from an Omnis List
variable. Developers using Omnis Studio and mvDesigner will find this
component a powerful addition to their tool set.

The oXML plug-in is available now for Omnis Studio version 3.1 and later,
which currently runs on these supported platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Solaris
and Linux.

oXML will be available for mvDesigner with the release of mvDesigner version
2.0. mvDesigner is currently available on Windows and Linux systems.

For more information please contact Raining Data at (949) 442-4400 or by
email at sales@rainingdata.com.

Product web page: http://www.omnis.net/oxml/index.html