Alpha8 8.0b1 Release Announcement
May 20, 2002

The Alpha-Cabal is pleased to announce the second public beta release of
Alpha8, the next generation of the venerable Alpha text editor. We are a
small group of Alpha users who have taken over its development from the
original author P.Keleher.

Alpha8 contains many changes & fixes to the core Alpha application; e.g.
Tcl 8.3.4 is now used internally, which results in large speedups for many
complex operations.

As this is a beta release, it contains known bugs and may crash. Testers
are encouraged to submit bug reports on any problems they encounter.

An archive containing Alpha8 8.0b2 and the AlphaTcl 7.6d2 library is
available for download at (5.2Mb)

For more information and other download options please visit

AlphaX – a MacOS X native version of Alpha8 – is currently in private alpha
testing, a public release is planned for later this year.

Daniel A. Steffen