Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 will support WebObjects 5 and will be
shipping in Q3 2002 on Mac OS X

Sybase, Inc. formally announces support for ASE 12.5 on Mac OS X. The
product will be released within the third quarter of this year. Sybase also
announces ASE will provide support for applications developed with Apple’s

Sybase=AE Adaptive Server=AE Enterprise (ASE) will provide system implemente=
with a high performance, scalable, enterprise-class database manager for
Mac OS X Sybase ASE comprises advanced capabilities including leading Java
and XML support while providing system implementers with an attractive
total cost of ownership Sybase ASE will fully support applications
developed in Apple’s WebObjects development framework Sybase accelerates
its commitment to the Mac

DUBLIN, Calif. – May 14, 2002 – Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading
enterprise infrastructure and integration company, today announced that
Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, the company’s enterprise-class
relational database management system (RDBMS), will be available for
shipment to Mac OS X customers within the third quarter of this year. With
ASE, system implementers will be able to deploy high-performance, scalable
RDBMS’ on the Mac. Sybase also announces ASE will provide support for
Apple’s WebObjects, allowing application developers using Apple’s
WebObjects full support from ASE’s rich feature set.

“Apple’s new Xserve, along with Mac OS X and Apple’s traditional strengths
in the education and creative professional markets, reinforces our decision
to bring Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase’s high-performance, scalable,
enterprise-class RDBMS, to the Mac,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice
president and general manager, Sybase Enterprise Solutions Division. “We’re
looking forward to the potential for new business from these new markets
and to the opportunity to build on our business in areas where our
customers overlap.”

“We’re excited by how the UNIX-based capabilities of Mac OS X, combined
with the power of our new Xserve, are enabling enterprise software
companies like Sybase to bring industrial strength applications to the
Mac,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “Sybase’s enterprise-class database, ASE, on the Mac will create
new opportunities for Sybase in Apple’s traditionally strong markets, while
bringing a robust new application to Apple’s customers and developers.”

“North Plains Systems is proud to be one of the first enterprise-class
asset management systems to support Sybase,” says Steve Sauder, CTO, North
Plains Systems, the leading enterprise-class digital asset management
company. “With Adaptive Server Enterprise, it only took days to port from a
TeleScope Enterprise Microsoft SQL Server running on NT to ASE running on
Mac OS X. Not only are we ecstatic about Sybase bringing enterprise
database technology to the Mac, but our customers are too.”

Sybase’s enterprise-class RDBMS, ASE 12.5, supports the heavy data
processing needs of traditional OLTP and the complex data manipulation
needs of decision support systems, while providing the flexibility,
scalability, performance and security needed to support new, e-Business
applications. ASE 12.5’s commitment to openness and performance gives
customers a robust choice for managing their transaction-intensive
applications and mission-critical data. Sybase ASE provides system
implementers with leading-edge support for Java and XML technologies while
maintaining an attractive total cost of ownership.

“In a recent study of enterprise customers, purchasers of Mac OS X are
significantly more likely to be considering database systems than customers
not running Mac OS X with 23 percent considering purchasing a database
management system,” said Michael Kelly, chairman and chief architect of
Techtel Corporation, a technology market research firm based in Emeryville,
Calif. “I would expect Sybase’s introduction to only accelerate this

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