Announcing Xproof 1.0 for the Macintosh, from Colorfield Digital Media.

Colorfield Digital Media announces Xproof 1.0,
( a real-time color previewing and
information tool for digital media.

Xproof allows digital designers to quickly and easily visualize color
appearance across different devices, including Windows and Macintosh
monitors and broadcast video formats. Xproof also simulates color
appearance to colorblind viewers, helping designers to address
accessibility issues in their work.

A stand-alone application that works with onscreen color, Xproof integrates
seamlessly with all of your favorite design applications. Whether you are
creating images, animations, web sites, or digital video projects, Xproof
does the work and you see results immediately.

Xproof is the only tool available that combines these key features. With
Xproof you can:

* Preview image color on alternate operating systems
* Preview image color in different broadcast formats
* Preview how image color appears to color deficient viewers
* View color values for common color spaces
* Access HTML color labels
* Copy or drag HTML values from Xproof directory into HTML source files
* Drag and drop screen previews to the desktop or into an image editing

Xproof runs on Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib version 1.5, or on Mac OS X version
10.1 or later. It is priced at $29, with substantial discounts for volume
purchases and a two week “try before you buy” option.