We just released MailBurst 2.3.3. Some enhancements in performance and
better handling of SPAM addresses (random addresses, crazy variations on
what’s legal, etc.) All this SPAM nad virus stuff is getting to me, so
MailBurst 3.0 will have some nifty tools for SPAM handling, but that’s
future-ware. For now, there’s 2.3.3.

To get 2.3.3, just send email and we’ll mail it back to you.

Also nearing completion of FaxBee 1.5, a mail to fax gateway. 1.5 will
feature the ability to retrieve POP3 mail, so your Fax server can be
separate from your mail server.

For info, see http://www.mailburst.com/ or http://www.faxbee.com/

We’ve also addressed case-sensitivity in host names for Max OS X web
browsing… (formerly, our URLs used case that matched the product names)

Finally, we’re also readying the next release of The ZipBurst CGI Pro, a
very powerful location-based search engine, see http://www.ZipBurst.com/
for more info or http://www.ZipServe.com/ for hosting services. Now
supports the US and Canada, moving next to other countries.

The LITE version is also available for fast, multi-threaded, non-proximity

David Dantowitz — DC&R