Latest release of OpenBase SQL offers enhanced scalability

Special buffering delivers big performance gains for JDBC and Java
applications, such as WebObjects

Users compose queries graphically with new OpenSQLGui application

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE, USA — May 6, 2002 — OpenBase International, Ltd.,
released a new version of their database software, OpenBase(TM) SQL 7.0.6
on the Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Optimized for scalability, the latest release of the OpenBase SQL database
server sustains one million transactions per hour with 10-million record
datasets on Apple G4 hardware. It also offers new database clustering and
mirroring options to distribute transaction load between multiple servers.

Known for its unique combination of affordability and fault-tolerance,
OpenBase SQL is the only database to build e-commerce services, such as
credit card processing, right into the server. With version 7.0.6, OpenBase
SQL delivers enterprise-class server-side performance, and a huge
performance boost for JDBC and Java applications, such as WebObjects.
Special buffering has resulted in performance gains of as much as 32 times
for large queries using JDBC.

The latest release of OpenBase SQL also includes the second generation of
OpenSQLGui, a powerful graphical query application. OpenSQLGui packs all
the functionality of the terminal-based openisql, which has shipped with
OpenBase SQL for the last 10 years, into an intuitive and graphical
interface. New capabilities include being able to edit rows of data and a
simple copy-and-paste of data to Microsoft Excel and other applications.

“We have been using the OpenBase SQL database for three years now. We have
deployed it in a 7x24x365 production environment based on Apple G4 hardware
and MacOS X,” says Sunil Punnoose, President of “I’m
not aware of any other WebObjects-based site that is more data intensive
and handles more traffic than OpenBase SQL is a
terrific product.”

For more information, please call OpenBase at 603-228-3339, or send e-mail

About OpenBase SQL
OpenBase(R) SQL relational database servers deliver the scalable
performance and fault-tolerant data protection e-business demands. Proven
in realworld applications since 1991, OpenBase SQL has become the database
of choice for innovative, business-critical applications on Mac OS X and
other popular computing platforms. In addition to database performance and
integrity, OpenBase SQL solutions come with industry-leading features that
are simply unavailable — or cost much more — on other databases. These
include built-in server-based support for Java stored procedures and
e-commerce functions, such as credit card payment processing and automated
email correspondence. OpenBase SQL databases support all of today’s popular
platforms: Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux and Microsoft Windows — and all of
the industry-standard tools and interfaces today’s developers need,
including native support for WebObjects 5, JDBC 2.0 Driver, EOF 4.5
Adaptor, 4D Plugin, REALbasic Plugin, ODBC Support, PHP, and the Cocoa
OpenBase API Framework. OpenBase International also partners with other
leading software providers to deliver higher level solutions that further
reduce time, cost and risk.