Sharp today introduced a new line of LCD displays. The flagship LL-T1820 is an 18-inch display (1280×1024 resolution) capable of displaying more than 1 billion colors with its unique 10-bit per subpixel gamma correction. It features a 400:1 contrast ratio, 220 nits brightness, dual DVI connectors, and will sell for US$1,299. The LL-T1803 is a similar display but lacks the high-end color features of the T1820 and offers both VGA and DVI connectors. It will sell for $949. Finally, the LL-T1520 and LL-T15G1 are 15-inch displays (1024×768 resolution) with the former featuring built-in speakers, USB hub, and tilt/swivel capabilities. The LL-T1520 will carry a $499 price tag while the LL-T15G1 will sell for $429. All four displays are expected to ship in May.