23 APRIL 2002 — Vizspring Software, a leader in quality shareware products
for the Macintosh, released a major update their flagship font manager
application, Typeset, today.

Typeset is a full-featured font viewing utility. It was designed for the
creative professional. Typeset’s intended use is to view a collection of
installed fonts searching for a good font for a particular project or logo.
Typeset can also be used to view the contents of a font, or to preview text
within a particular font. Typeset’s many features, quick display speeds,
multiple Favorites sets, and intuitive user interface make selecting the
perfect font easy as ever. There simply isn’t a better solution on the

Version 1.1 features the following changes: New font storage and font array
parameter call implementation; font list added; multiple favorites sets and
accompanying features added; styled text identified added; more info window
replaces advanced window; “Go To” replaces find font window; font size
slider added; printing added, for all fonts or a selected favorites set;
all fonts should now display and sort correctly; various other feature
additions; many interface modifications.

Most notable to this release is multiple favorites sets, which allow the
user to arrange and organize groups of fonts, and the font list, a
resizable listbox on the left side of the screen that allows quick access
to any font in any favorites set.

Typeset is compatible with Mac OS Classic, as well as Mac OS X. It is
available now as a free download from (

Typeset is US$15.00 shareware. The demo version will display a maximum of
50 installed fonts. After registering, you may view your entire font
collection. Typeset may be registered online, securely from Kagi, at

Version 1.1 is a free upgrade for previously registered users.

Vizspring Software, devoted to delivering Quality Mac Shareware Products
for the Mac platform, is best known for their best-selling products
ThrobberEdit and iTarget. Vizspring Software, created on January 1st, 2001,
is run by five students and Mac enthusiasts, located around the world.

To learn more about Vizspring Software visit (