Monkeybread Software Germany releases version 2.4 of their REALbasic Plugin

This plugin adds around 500 functions, methods and classes to REALbasic.
Growed over the last two years this plugin covers this main features:

* Compression and Decompression of data and pictures including JPEG
files without the need of QuickTime.
* VideoForWindows class to play movies on Windows 95 and newer without
* Filemapping
* Resolution changing from Realbasic including fading.
* Monitoring of Events inside your application.
* Access to special folders.
* Serial Port with up to 230 kBit/s.
* CRC calculation
* Several Hardware Information functions and access to the Name
Registry. (including drive serial number for hard disks)
* Extending REALbasic’s internal classes like Movie, Movieplayer,
Memoryblock, Picture and Application.
* A process class to list the running applications.
* Classes to access the Windows Registry for loading and storing
* Access to Windows’ Environment variables.
* A class for files bigger than 2 GB.
* Simulation of keyboard typing (presskey class).
* Creating and resolving aliases.
* SharedObjects on Windows to handle multiple launches of your
* Lots of small utility functions…

You can download the plugin archive at:

Help is included for use with Plugin Plunger, but you can still view the
help in HTML files which come with the plugin or on your website.

The plugin is available on a shareware fee which is $80 for commercial use
and $40 for shareware, freeware and private use. You can test the plugins
for free within the REALbasic IDE. (Support or new versions of the plugin
in the next years after registration are offered for a low update price,
but you can continue to develop for years with the old plugin versions.)

Christian Schmitz