For Immediate Release.

The one professional MPEG2 software encoder at a consumer price.

Innobits releases the BitVice MPEG2 video encoder. The high-end encoder
that is friendly to your inevitable quality versus bit-budget trade-off.
Stuff more MPEG2 video onto each DVD disk, at broadcast quality!

“We have been waiting for many years now, that somebody would provide the
kind of MPEG2 software we would buy ourselves. That didn’t happen so we
felt that it was high time to make an effort and finally bring broadcast
quality video to the masses.” says Roger Andersson co-founder of Innobits.

BitVice is a Mac-first software product. Innobits decided this because
Apple Computer Inc already delivers DVD disk burners with many new
Macintosh models. The aggressive price model makes BitVice affordable for
literally any video interested user with a DVD disk burner. Support for
other platforms will follow.

You are encouraged to use your own eyes to compare the results of the
BitVice MPEG2 Encoder to any other encoder (for less than US$ 1500,) on any
platform. For this purpose a demo version is available for download at

The BitVice MPEG2 Encoder costs US$ 297 and is available from Innobits
web-site. (

Innobits makes affordable software tools for digital audio and video
processing, tools for the sophisticated professionals as well as for the
growing consumer market.