Navdeep Bains of Bains Software has released an OS X version of MacDICT,
his popular dictionary program, and a new version of StimpSoft’s

MacDICT X 2.2:
MacDICT lets you access a growing number of databases, including Websters
Dictionary, for free! Other databases include the US Gazetter, Free Online
Dictionary of Computing, WordNet, Jargon File, and the CIA World Factbook

* An OS X version! Finally!
* Removed the Welcome window in the X version, it just didn’t feel right


SnapperHead 4.5.2:
SnapperHead is a handy little app that sends screenshots to people who
enter your IP address into a web browser. Simply launch SnapperHead, then
send a friend your IP address (it is shown on the SnapperHead window under
“Snaps Served”). When they type that Internet address into the location
field of a web browser (you know, where you usually type in
“”), they will be sent, as an image in their
browser, a picture of your screen. That’s all there is to it!

New Developer!
SnapperHead was originally developed by John Schilling of StimpSoft.
Stimpsoft has now closed it’s doors and Navdeep Bains has inherited two of
John’s most popular apps: SnapperHead and Son of Weather Grok. He has a lot
of features planned, so stay tuned.

Is SnapperHead still free?
Yes, it’s still free in the sense that you don’t *have* to pay for it.
However, Bains Software could *really* use the money, and a $10 donation
would be sincerely appreciated. To donate, visit the following URL: