Optigold ISP 2.9.6 for Windows, Macintosh, Mac OS X and Linux was released
on 03/29/2002.

Optigold ISP is a cross-platform business software package to run all
aspects of an internet service provider (from billing to server management).


A *FREE*, 100% working copy can be downloaded from:


2.9.6 adds new web functionality, ACH processing through ECHO, expanded
billable tech call support, more reporting, new postcard format, exporting
of individual invoice and some other miscellaneous items.

All new features in this version are listed in the revision log:

Optigold ISP Revision Log
Completed On 3/27/02

New miscellaneous preference – Billable Call Time Rounded Up To The Nearest
Made some minor changes (stripping certain characters) from the QuickBooks
export file

Completed On 3/27/02

Customer triggered credit card payments can optionally show CVV, start date
and/or issue number
Automated task bill customers can be set per minute instead of per day
Tech support ‘Resolved’ button removed
New employee security – Edit Support Billing Cost
Tech support cost per minute can be overridden on a per customer basis
Trouble ticket reports can be show open, closed or all
Income/projection report can be run based on the found set of customers
Restore held customer reactivation fee works also when you assume actions
were successful

Completed On 3/25/02

Slave customer ID can be passed to server events as a variable
Credit invoices created through ISP management web interface can be
automatically closed
Send/Print Now option for invoices allowed exporting of single invoice
New online signup web interface preference – Country Mandatory

Completed On 3/21/02

Customer added emails can include name
Emails added through ISP management web interface can include name
Credit card check output shown in ISP management web interface
Added support for ACH processing through ECHO

Completed On 3/20/02

Company email manager emails can searched based on assignment to employee
Billing cycle product tag can be passed to RADIUS file generation as a

Completed On 3/19/02

Server event for prepaid card online signup only triggered if the balance is
paid in full
Prorated invoice for customer triggered billing cycle additions includes
sales tax when needed
Printed fancy payment receipts always shows correct company in VISP setup
Added new fancy invoice format – Postcard 3

Completed On 3/18/02

Fixed problem when using the Trigger All button on the customers to be
created list
Added additional error checking when adding customer through ISP management
web interface
Added support for 2 2/3″ virtual check paper

Completed On 3/17/02

Grace date can be viewed and edited in ISP management web interface
New customer web interface preference – Email Create/Deletes Logged To Notes