Leading Macintosh Backup and Restore Application Now Offers Native Mac OS X

ORINDA, CA-March 26, 2002-Dantz Development Corporation, a premier provider
of backup and restore software, announced today that Dantz Retrospect=AE
Backup v5.0, one of the most eagerly awaited software applications for Mac
OS X, is now shipping. With several editions and continued support for Mac
OS 9, Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is the only comprehensive backup
software suite available for Mac OS X.

“Nearly every Macintosh ships with an incredibly reliable, multi-purpose
CD-RW drive or SuperDrive,” said Tony Barbagallo, Dantz’s vice president of
marketing. “To take full advantage of the potential of these drives, users
need equally reliable backup and restore software. Dantz Retrospect Backup
v5.0 is the backup strategy that Mac users need, and it supports the
storage hardware that they already own.”

“More and more Mac users are using Mac OS X full-time because companies
like Dantz are bringing great applications and tools to the platform,” said
Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations.
“Whether it’s an iPhoto library, an iMovie archive, or a design firm’s top
project, Mac users can count on Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 to restore
critical files quickly, reliably, and accurately.”

Designed to protect Mac OS X systems with absolute accuracy and
reliability, Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 properly backs up and restores
all Mac OS X files and information, including both the data and resource
forks of multi-part files, HFS+ metadata, UNIX-style permissions and group
ownership, and hard-linked files. Automatic scheduling ensures that backups
run even when no Mac OS X user is logged in, and Retrospect client software
allows entire networks of Macs to be backed up and restored across the LAN.

Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 supports more storage devices than any other
backup software available for the Mac OS. Hard disk drives, Apple CD-RW
drives, CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drives, SuperDrives and other writable and
rewritable DVD drives, tape drives and libraries, and removable cartridge
drives are all supported by version 5.0.


Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 in English is now shipping to distributors and
should be available through catalogs and resellers during the first week of
April. For the first time, upgrades to Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 will
also be offered through popular catalogs and resellers. New product and
upgrades are available immediately from the Dantz online store at

French, German, and Japanese language versions will be available in the
second quarter. International customers who require the capabilities of
Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 today may purchase English language product
now, then obtain a free upgrade to the matching localized language product
once it becomes available.

For a limited time, Dantz is offering edition upgrades for users who
require the more advanced capabilities in Retrospect Workgroup Backup and
Retrospect Server Backup, such as for backing up a Mac OS X Server. Product
edition upgrades are available for a limited time through the Dantz website.

Dantz Retrospect Backup v5.0 is available in four editions, offering
complete data protection for both individuals and businesses.

Retrospect Express Backup
Designed for basic personal backup to hard disk, removable cartridge
drives, CD-R/RW drives, and DVD drives, Retrospect Express Backup is priced
at $79 SRP-perfect for the home user. Upgrades from previous versions are

Retrospect Desktop Backup
Providing professional backup features for a single workstation, Retrospect
Desktop Backup adds powerful filtering capabilities plus support for tape
drives and autoloaders with up to eight slots. Retrospect Clients software
may be added to back up a small network. Retrospect Desktop Backup is
priced at $249 SRP. Upgrades from previous versions are $99.95.

Retrospect Workgroup Backup
With 20 cross-platform client licenses, advanced multi-subnet networking,
and support for a single local AppleShare or Mac OS X Server, Retrospect
Workgroup Backup is designed to meet the needs of small offices and
networks. Support for high-end tape drives and tape libraries are built-in,
and priced at $499 SRP. Upgrades from previous versions are $199.95.

Retrospect Server Backup
New with version 5.0, Retrospect Server Backup is designed to meet the data
protection needs of larger networks. Dantz’s flagship product provides
backups for multiple AppleShare and Mac OS X Servers, includes 100
cross-platform client licenses, and is priced at $799 SRP. Edition upgrades
from the Desktop and Workgroup editions are available for a limited time at


Dantz Development Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of backup and
restore software. Since 1984, Dantz Retrospect Backup products have earned
numerous awards protecting business critical information on servers,
desktops and notebooks. The company’s patented technologies provide the
reliability and efficiency that companies depend upon for business
continuance. Customers of Dantz include small to mid size businesses as
well as workgroups and departments of larger companies such as Apple,
British Telecom, Motorola, Nortel, Pixar, and Walt Disney. Dantz is a
privately held company located in Orinda, California and backed by leading
venture capital firms Mobius Venture Capital, ARCH Venture Partners and
Madrona Venture Group. For more information, please visit or
call +1 925.253.3000.