New Version of Active4D Released

Cutting-edge tool brings Active Server Pages functionality to 4th Dimension.

Tuesday, March 26th, 2002 — Aparajita Fishman of Victory-Heart Productions
today announced the latest release of Active4D, version 2.04.

Active4D 2 is a fully dynamic server-side embedded scripting language for
4th Dimension which brings the industry-leading functionality of
Microsoft’s Active Server Pages to the 4D environment.

This new version brings a few small bug fixes and enhances XHTML compatibility.

Active4D includes a 300-page PDF Reference Manual.

An Incredible Productivity-Enhancer
Developers are unanimous in their praise for the real-life benefits of

“Active4D is truly a beautiful product. I rarely give such praise. It’s a
classic case of a complex piece of work wrapped in a simple and elegant
covering. The power it gives to a developer is remarkable,” said Will
Mayall, renowned 4D developer.

“We are into heavy B2B web solutions and could not do business without this
tool,” said Alexander Heintz. Among Heintz’ clients using Active4D for
their enterprise solutions are Bertelsmann and Canon Europe.

“I was able to do in 4 weeks what took me 6 months of effort using the
middleware solution. In addition, several technical hurdles I was planning
on dealing with simply disappeared,” said Randy Jaynes of Management
Software. “I would estimate we have saved literally hundreds of hours by
using Active4D.”

Features of Active4D
Out of the box, Active4D gives the 4D web developer:

– A ready to run HTTP server with virtual hosting and advanced security
– A blazing fast, fully dynamic embedded scripting engine which executes
real 4D code
– Over 200 new web-focused commands to increase your productivity
– Automatic, world-class session support
– Transparent cookie and file upload support
– A host of both client-side and server-side debugging tools

Pricing and Availability
Active4D is $99 per developer, per platform for the Developer license.
Deployment licenses are priced at $700 per server for the first year, $270
per year to renew. Deployment licenses include support and upgrades. OEM
and volume pricing is also available on request.

A full working demo of Active4D can be downloaded from Aparajita’s web site at:

The demo times out after 1 hour of continuous, after which 4D must be

Active4D runs on Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and Windows 95 or better.

About Aparajita Fishman/Victory-Heart Productions
Based in New York City, Aparajita Fishman provides software development and
consulting services, in addition to running The Oneness-Fountain-Heart, a
gourmet vegetarian restaurant voted best in Queens.

Aparajita has been writing world-class tools for 4D developers since 1989,
when he released Easy4D, one of the first development shells for 4D. In
addition to Active4D, Aparajita also authored and sells QuickCode Pro (an
editor enhancement) and ObjectTools (a plugin which provides vastly
improved BLOB-type data storage).