illumineX adds new modules to Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 for Mac OS X

MINNEAPOLIS, March 20, 2002 –

illumineX today announced delivery of the illumineX Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2
for Mac OS X.

This updated screen saver pack adds two new screen savers, based on the
illumineX games MarbleX and RoX, in addition to updated versions of the
original eleven screen savers. Stability improvements for running on Mac OS
X 10.1 are included as well. People using the savers are encouraged to
upgrade to this new pack by deleting the old iX Screen Savers and replacing
them with the new modules.

The pack also includes Xirtam (Hint: Follow the white rabbit.) and
BabelBloX, the popular OpenGL screen savers, as well as Planets, which may
be the most popular black and white screen saver on the planet today,
judging from customer feedback. Gravity is cool, even when simulated in a
screen saver.

illumineX Screen Saver Pack 1.1.2 includes the following savers:

* iX MarbleX
* iX RoX
* iX BabelBloX
* iX Fireworks
* iX Planets
* iX Qix
* iX Qix Triangle
* iX Spheres
* iX Spline
* iX TangentCircles
* iX WanderingPolygon
* iX Warp
* iX Xirtam

For those new to the pack, it also includes updated Mac OS X
implementations of classic screen savers including Warp and
WanderingPolygon, which are very popular on many platforms.

* Each Screen Saver has tunable options.
* Hot-link in Configure panel for easy email
* The illumineX Screen Saver Pack is written in Objective C, using Cocoa,
Quartz, and sometimes OpenGL.

We included one ultra-classic saver, Fireworks, not because it’s cool, but
because it showed up on our doorstep one night. It was hungry and tired,
and it had such an innocent little face we couldn’t turn it out in the cold
after the kids cried in unison, “Can we keep it?”

Pricing & Availability
The illumineX Screen Saver Pack is free, and can be obtained from the
illumineX web site:

The illumineX Screen Saver pack runs on Mac OS X only.

About illumineX
illumineX develops consumer software for Mac OS X as well as custom
business software, using Java and WebObjects. illumineX is committed to
delivering high quality software products which take full advantage of Aqua
and Mac OS X to the Macintosh marketplace.