NICE, FRANCE – March 12, 2002 – Aram Kudurshian is proud to announce the
immediate release of HTML Creator 3.0, an award winning (1) HTML editor for
the Macintosh platform. Featuring a clean cut, intuitive interface, HTML
Creator makes the task of creating web pages easier through its built in
assistants and WYSIWYG style Format menu. HTML Creator is aimed at both
novices and professional users through its expansive collection of
assistants and powerful editing tools.

New to version 3.0 is the introduction of Style Sheets and Framesets as
well as a powerful Batch Find and Replace system that allows you to edit
hundreds of files in one go. In addition, HTML Creator 3.0 features a
comprehensive HTML Reference, new assistants, updated looks, bug fixes, and
countless other smaller additions such as improved drag and drop support,
the introduction of HTML Tools, and better web page previewing.

HTML Creator also features other productive enhancements such as a simple
to use ScratchPad, allowing to you to jot down design notes, and Shortcuts
that help to reduce repetitive code. HTML Creator costs $15 for a single
user licenses and can be ordered easily through eSellerate. For more
information on HTML Creator and to download your free 30-day trial, please
visit (

HTML Creator was created with REALbasic 3.5 (2) and features an installer
provided by Mindvision (3).


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Aram Kudurshian