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Toronto, ON – March 8, 2002 – Totally Hip Software Inc. is bringing its
acclaimed “LiveStage Professional 3.1 Authoring Workshop” to Sheridan
College April 13 & 14, 2002, followed by “LiveStage Professional for Flash
Developers Workshop” on April 15, 2002. These highly acclaimed, hands-on
workshops instruct students in the creation and construction of interactive
QuickTime movies with LiveStage Professional. Taught by expert instructors
who utilize the tool every day, these intensive courses provide a low
student to instructor ratio (generally 7:1) and are relevant to students of
all skill levels, regardless of coding experience.

“Our goal is to support our developers at every stage of growth,” said David
Gratton, VP of Marketing and Sales at Totally Hip Software Inc. “These
workshops are a powerful means of helping the newcomer to LiveStage
Professional move up the learning curve quickly and begin to create
impressive interactive video content immediately.”

The workshops provide a hands-on environment in which participants learn how
to fully access the functionality of LiveStage Professional aided by
Teachers Assistants offering one-on-one support. By blending video layers,
3D, text, audio, VR and Media Skins into a single, integrated environment,
students in the two-day “LiveStage Professional 3.0 Authoring Workshop”
learn to deploy compelling and unique content with LiveStage Professional.
The full day “LiveStage Professional for Flash Developers” workshop is
designed to introduce Flash developers to the powers and capabilities of
interactive QuickTime, teaching students how to merge the best of Flash and
the best of QuickTime to produce truly awesome and awe-inspiring projects.
Complete course information including price packages with or without
software is available at
( or by calling
604.685.6525 x226.

“Overall, this was one of the most fun and effective courses I’ve taken”
said Craig Cadwallader, Chairman-CEO of Primal Image and a student at the
“LiveStage Professional 3.1 Authoring Workshop” recently held in Los
Angeles, “I really don’t know how the course could be improved other than
having (the team) on call 24/7 to me in the future”.

LiveStage Professional 3.1 is the only authoring environment that allows
users to take full advantage of interactive media tools available in
QuickTime. QuickTime, along with the highly anticipated MPEG-4
specification, brings a whole new world of interactivity to video. LiveStage
Professional provides unparalleled solutions for utilizing and repurposing
media content in native file formats as well as broad multimedia
integration. Using LiveStage Professional, authors are able to publish
interactive video content for the web, for CD-ROM and for DVD using
QuickTime, the standard for digital video delivery.

Totally Hip Software’s mission is to give content developers and producers
complete creative control by producing software that empowers users to
create, produce and deliver the most engaging and interactive experiences on
the Web. Totally Hip Software was founded in 1995 and is an award winning
developer and marketer of interactive Web development technologies.

Totally Hip Software Inc.
Per: “David B. Dicaire”
David B. Dicaire, CEO & President