Travelers take note:Das Keyboard’s new Das Keyboard HackShield bags are radio frequency blocking bags designed to protect against physical and digital intrusion. There are no exterior pockets, and the main compartment for each bag is protected with Fidlock fasteners for anti-theft access security.
The bags’ internal pockets are lined with HackShield RF blocking material, which works like a “force field” around electronic devices to protect against potential hacking attempts. HackShield technology also blocks electronics from transmitting data to and from the cloud, such as an individual’s geographical location, without the user’s knowledge. Each Das Keyboard bag has enough HackShield-protected pockets to fit a laptop, tablet and smartphone comfortably inside.
In addition to the company’s new RF blocking bags, Das Keyboard also has introduced its new HackShield Wallet, which uses the same radio frequency blocking material to help keep personal information safe and secure. With HackShield-lined internal pockets, Das Keyboard’s wallet helps guard credit cards, debit cards or any other cards containing RFID chips from thieves who may be scanning for ID information from unsuspecting individuals.
Das Keyboard’s HackShield backpack and messenger bag are available online, each for US$179. The company’s HackShield wallet will be available in late August and retails for $49. For more information, go to .