Connectix has just released a new update to Virtual PC for Macintosh,
version 5. This new update, version 5.0.2, fixes issues mainly dealing
with performance and networking. Please update your copies of Virtual PC
for Macintosh.

*Note – This Updater will only update released versions of Virtual PC for
Mac 5.0 or 5.0.1.

To download the update, go to The file is 10.53MB.


Connectix Virtual PC Version 5.0.2 Vital Information

Connectix Virtual PC For Mac Version 5.0.2 Update Application Read Me


+ Added significant performance enhancements for Virtual PC running in Mac
+ Improved performance of Virtual PC in Mac OS X with background
applications. Virtual PC will receive more time when it’s the foreground
+ Virtual PC now yields processor time when a guest OS is in the foreground
but idle. (Requires the new Virtual PC Additions.)
+ Increased throttle time in Mac OS X to give more time to video.
+ Faster overall boot time for most OSes (when no other applications are
running) in Mac OS X.
+ Greatly improved performance of 16-bit applications running in Windows
2000 in Mac OS X.
+ Improved speed of installing 32-bit operating systems (i.e. Windows 2000)
in Mac OS X.
+ Fixed an issue between Virtual PC and sound initialization that caused
Virtual PC to crash at launch.
+ Added fix for rare crash when saved states were restored on beige G3s.

+ Added fix to allow PPTP VPN over Shared Networking in Mac OS 9. VPN using
Shared Networking in Mac OS X requires the user to be logged in as root.
See the “Virtual PC Vital Information” document for more information.
+ Improved diagnostics added to gather more informative troubleshooting

+ Fix for printing using Virtual PC emulation to Canon printers in Mac OS X.

+ Added fixes and improvements for serial port emulation including full
9-pin support. This should allow greater compatibility with various serial
devices (Mac OS X only).
+ Made serial port preferences window completely interactive. Also detects
the attachment of any USB serial adapter while the “Settings…” window is
open in Mac OS X. Virtual PC now detects the removal of serial port(s) and
defaults back to “none” when this occurs. + Serial port will no longer
disappear from the COM Settings panel when the window is opened and USB is
enabled. USB
+ Automatically resume a USB device if packets are detected being sent to a
suspended device. Allows the LinkSys WAP11 USB configuration utility to
+ Fixed USB connection issues in both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X that caused
crashes on plug-in and un-plug of a device.

+ Added scripting support to allow debugging of blue-screen events in
Windows XP. + Fix for MatLab 6 (max [1 2] calculation) so it returns the
correct result.
+ Fix for rounding results in CallAtlanta program.
+ Fixed an issue in Mac OS 9 that caused a crash when the hard drive and CD
drive were spun down (slept) and a call was made to the drive from Virtual
+ Fixed an issue with reading Joliet CD formats under Mac OS 9.
+ Changed behavior of incompatible or corrupted saved states so that the
user is asked before the state is deleted.
+ Fixed an issue with Folder Sharing the Mac’s free drive space is now
correctly reported by Windows 9x OSes.
+ Allow multiple users in Mac OS X to run Virtual PC and share preferences
and drive images. This will also allow the drive image and preferences to
be moved into the Virtual PC application folder and placed on a removable
drive for increased mobility.
+ New Virtual PC Additions