OpenOSX Ships XFree 1.1 CD

SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.–(OPENOSX-INC)–March 5th, 2002-OpenOSX, Inc., a
leading provider of easy to-use, world-class open-source software, today
began shipping their XFree 1.1 CD which delivers true compatibility with
the X-Window library to the Mac OS 10.1.x desktop.

Without typing a single “UNIX” command, the OpenOSX CD will install XFree
4.2.0 and Xdarwin 1.1 configured with the OroborOSX window manager in less
then 5 minutes by simply double-clicking the OpenOSX package icon.

XFree is a native implementation of the X-Window library that is the “UNIX”
standard for graphical user interfaces. There are thousands of existing
open source and commercial Applications that utilize X-Windows that may be
used after installation.

OroborOSX and XDarwin interleave the X-Window environment seamlessly into
the Mac OS X Aqua environment (digital screen images are available
electronically at: (

The OpenOSX Xfree CD offers nearly identical functionality as Tenon’s
product Xtools for a small fraction of the cost.

Installation technical support for one seat and de-installation software is
included with the CD.

The OpenOSX CD is shipping immediately for $30 with 6-month, upgrade-free
CD subscriptions for $80. More information about the OpenOSX XFree 1.1 CD
is available at: (

OpenOSX, Inc. is a company dedicated to serving the Macintosh community. As
a previous professional system administrator, the founder of OpenOSX
realizes that many computer users loathe the “Unix” command-line and
OpenOSX is committed to bringing popular Unix software to the
“Unix-challenged” and seasoned system administrators alike.