Grand Haven, Michigan-February 27, 2002–VH Publications, Inc. today
announced the opening of the Data Web Center, the new one-stop center for
Lasso related products, hosting, training, services and news. The Data Web
Center is now live at (

Products and Bundled Specials

Products from Blue World and related 3rd party vendors are premiered on The
Data Web Center. Now there’s one place to build a complete solution
starting with the developer’s solution, to purchasing Lasso and finally
selecting the right hosting provider’s service. Buyers can select a
template Web solution with built-in development hours for personalized

Bundled products offer discounted savings Vs. individual product purchases.
All 3rd party products offered on The Data Web Center can be custom bundled
with Blue World products for special savings. If you need a bundle not
currently displayed on the Data Web Center, contact

Headline News

Lasso headline news provides the latest news in the Lasso industry
including product announcements, updates, conferences, training, Web site
announcements, and more. News is submitted as standard text or html using
the available submittal form on the Web site. Headline news pulls will be
available as a free service for 3rd party sites. Interested parties should
contact for more information.

MySQL and The Data Web Center

MySQL now comes as an integrated component with the newly released Lasso
Professional 5. The Data Web Center provides MySQL training, news, products
and services as it pertains to the Lasso industry.

Win a $500 Gift Certificate

Register to win a $500 gift certificate for use towards products and
services offered on the Data Web Center. The winner will be drawn at Lasso
Summit being held in London, UK on April 15-16, 2002. Additional details
can be found at (

Participating Vendors

Database: FileMaker, MySQL AB
Lasso Hosting: MacHost, Point In Space
Lasso Product Line: Blue World
Lasso Solutions: Brian Dunning, Core Solutions
Publications: Brian Dunning, Wordware, VH Publications
Training: MySQL AB, Core Solutions, UK Lasso Association, VH
Web Design: Adobe, Bare Bones, Macromedia
Web Server: 4D, Tenon

Contact Information

For questions about The Data Web Center, visit (http:// or contact Jim Van Heule from VH Publications at
616-844-0066 or

About VH Publications

VH Publications, Inc. ( provides first- class
Lasso services for clients throughout the world. VH Publications offers a
complete package of services that include the Data Web Center, expert Lasso
development, Lasso Summit conferences and hands-on training. The Data Web
Center is fully owned and operated by VH Publications, Inc.