For Immediate Release

BenaTong announces PowerGuardian(tm) for OS X. The First Shipping UPS
Monitoring Software for Mac OS X.

Athens, Ohio, February 14, 2002 – BenaTong today announced immediate
availability of PowerGuardian(tm) for Mac OS X. PowerGuardian is an
application that monitors an uninterruptible power supply and performs an
orderly shutdown in the event of a sustained power outage. PowerGuardian
allows for timed shutdown or shutdown based on remaining battery capacity
if the UPS is capable of reporting such information.

“This product will work with either serial or USB based UPS’s from multiple
vendors including APC, Best, Tripplite, Powerware, and Belkin”, said
BenaTong’s President Chuck Bennett. “We have strived to make this version
of PowerGuardian flexible by supporting the most popular UPS protocols and
by taking full advantage of the OS X environment. When power fails,
PowerGuardian can respond in a variety of ways. AppleScripts can be
selected to save all open documents, users logged in from other machines
can be notified of the impending shutdown, email messages can be sent and
the whole event can be logged for later analysis. A user doesn’t even have
to be logged in to have the computer shut down in the event of a long power
outage. The computer will save itself.”