Symantec today announced Norton Internet Security 2.0 and Norton SystemWorks 2.0, Mac OS X versions of its suite of utilities. Norton Internet Security 2.0 consists of the new Norton Privacy Control, Norton Personal Firewall 2.0, Norton AntiVirus 8.0, Who’s There? Firewall Advisor from OpenDoor Networks; and iClean from Aladdin. Privacy Control is a new component that keeps tracks of confidential information on a system, as well as blocking most Web ads and pop-ups. Norton SystemWorks 2.0 includes Norton AntiVirus 8.0, Norton Utilities 7.0, Retrospect Express Backup 5.0, Spring Cleaning 4.0, and a special version of DisKWarrior from Alsoft. Both Norton Internet Security 2.0 and SystemWorks 2.0 are available for pre-order for US$99.95 and $129.95, respectively, and are expected to ship in March.