Announcing Licorice, Web Pages for Sprocket(tm) Development

Viperware(tm) is proud to announce Licorice, a new series of web pages
designed specifically for developers using Apple’s Game Sprockets. The URL
for Licorice is:


Licorice features FAQ’s for each of the Game Sprockets. Questions and
answers have been taken from the past 6 months of the Mac-Games-Developer
mailing list.

If you have a question concerning Game Sprockets, you should check Licorice
first to see if your question is answered in a FAQ. Hopefully this will
reduce noise on the newsgroups and mailing lists, and will make using these
services more enjoyable.

** Also take a look at Butterscotch, the #1 source of information for game


*Sprocket is a trademark of Xplain Corporation.