Dear Customer,

Many of you have been requesting various additional services and
products from us. Because of your recommendations, we have some exciting
announcements to make later this year. In the meantime, we’ve recently
unveiled our new Seagull Networks web hosting service. If your company
or organization is looking for a quality web presence provider, we have
the resources to make it happen.

And as a special promotion, we are offering a free on-going subscription
to the Apprentice CD-ROM to anyone who orders the top-of-the-line package
from Seagull Networks! You get the latest edition of Apprentice as it is
released, as long as you use our web hosting services. Just let us know
that you heard it from this emailing.

The top-of-the-line package includes the following features:

– 125 megabytes of space!
– Your own domain (
– Your own IP number
– Your own virtual web server
– Your own root ftp server
– Your own smtp and pop3 mail servers
– Your own shell account
– Your own cgi directory with complete examples
– Ability to use mailbots and mailing list software
– Support for C, Perl, and other languages
– Support for Java, Shockwave, server-side includes, and image maps
– SSL encryption available at no additional charge!
– Unlimited bandwidth
– Daily backups
– Technical support

All of this is available for only $175 startup, including INTERNIC
domain registration. $125 per month thereafter.

Whether you need a few megabytes of space or hundreds of megabytes for
your own domain, we have a complete set of services that is bound to
suit your needs.

Please visit ( or more information.

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