— Now with Enhanced Email, Search and Server-side JavaScript; New Multiple
Domain Web Serving; and Much More —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 19, 2002 — Web Crossing, Inc. today
announced the immediate availability of Web Crossing=81 version 4.1, now at
least twice as fast over version 4.0 due to caching improvements, and
includes new email and search functionality, enhanced server-side
JavaScript, multi-domain web serving support and much more. A free update
for Web Crossing 4.0 users, Web Crossing is available today at
(http://webcrossing.com/41whatsnew), and can be hosted by Web Crossing,
Inc. or now licensed on either a per-seat or traffic basis (see related
release dated today).

“Web Crossing 4.1 is 2 to 2-1/2 times faster than Web Crossing 4.0, with
the new caching turned on,” explained Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web
Crossing, Inc. “This update to the core Web Crossing engine follows a year
of creating add-on modules which generate Web Crossing-based turnkey
solutions for intranets and workgroups, education and training, and support
organizations. The additions in v4.1 are also terrific next steps to the
huge advances we made in our last major point upgrade.”

Speed Packed with New Features and Enhancements In addition to improved
caching that provides a dramatic 2x performance boost in v4.1, a
significant number of new features have been added. New email rules allow
end-users to filter incoming messages, use a “permitted correspondents”
list to block unwanted senders, and reject messages. A new Auto Responder
in v4.1 allows a customized auto-response while on vacation. Email
notification of discussion activity is now available in HTML or plain-text.

For administrators, v4.1 includes new URL redirection support and new URL
filename shortcuts, allowing users to serve multi-domain Web Crossing
installations without additional web servers. Sysops can now automatically
check user subscription changes immediately after making them. Spell
checking is now automatically used with the moderated word checking
feature, significantly improving the accuracy of automatic moderation.

Search is now significantly faster with a much smaller search index, and
now supports Boolean expressions and exact phrases. User interface
enhancements include a new Logout button which expires current cookies or
certificates, plus the ability for hosts to move or delete multiple
messages at once and to manage end-user subscription lists.

Hundreds of new Web Crossing Server-side JavaScript (WCJS) methods and
properties are added in v4.1, with documentation. New commands, and
additional parameters and functionality for existing commands, are added to
the Web Crossing Tag Language (WCTL) with security improved by separating
permissions for sysops and hosts.

For a complete list of all the major and minor new features, enhancements
and bug fixes, go to (http://webcrossing.com/41whatsnew).

v4.1 Update Builds on Advances in v4.0
New features in Web Crossing v4.1 build on the major advances introduced in
v4.0, including powerful email capabilities, integrated security, personal
calendaring and more. Version 4.0 saw the introduction of fully integrated
email list serving functionality and email notification allowing end-users
more participation options.

Web Crossing 4.0’s integrated email serving functionality (SMTP, Webmail,
POP3, IMAP) gave Sysops the ability to offer individual email boxes with
system-wide anti-spam features. The webmail function in version 4.0 came
with support for attachments, storage, address book, signatures and
auto-save preferences. New choices for participation added in version 4.0
gave end-users a choice of Web browsers, newsreaders, email and even WAP
access .

Built-in SSL v3 security support in Web Crossing v4.0 seamlessly
incorporates secure connections for up to 128-bit key encryption on https
and xml file calls with a single button-click. Personal User Calendaring,
support for multiple domains, Radius authentication servers, JavaScript
version 1.5, and more were all added in v4.0. The new Web Crossing version
4.1 update, available today builds on the many features added in v4.0,
while providing bug fixes, usability enhancements and compatibility

Pricing and Availability
The new Web Crossing v4.1 update is free to registered v4.0 users directly
from (http://webcrossing.com/41download). Web Crossing is now available as
a per-seat or traffic-based license. For a limited time, special
introductory versions are available starting at $295 (see related release
dated today).

Web Crossing is available as a server hosted (ASP) solution starting at
$65/month. Current ASP customers are updated to v4.1 automatically.
Customization, Hosting and Community Management Consulting is available for
all Web Crossing licensed and server hosted (ASP) installations. Priority
support is available on an annual subscription basis.

About Web Crossing Software
Built on a scalable Internet/intranet server, Web Crossing features
threaded or linear discussions, integrated newsgroups and mailing lists,
full email services, secure communications, personal calendar, real-time
chat and live event functionality, all highly extensible with powerful web
application programming capabilities. Web Crossing add-on modules are
currently available for three key areas: Team Crossing for groupware and
intranets; Support Crossing for support organizations; and Campus Crossing
for online training and education.

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the Internet’s virtual-communities powerhouse,
committed to providing high-quality software and related services at a fair
price. Web Crossing software is scalable, customizable and highly
extensible to address the needs of virtual communities and collaborative
groups. Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. runs its own business using Web
Crossing to work with its customers and employees across the world.
Award-winning Web Crossing software serves millions of pages per day at
thousands of sites, including well-known, high traffic sites as eBay.com,
The NY Times, Apple and Autodesk. Further information on Web Crossing
software and Web Crossing, Inc. may be obtained by calling toll-free (866)
725-0030, accessing Web Crossing’s Web site at
(http://www.webcrossing.com), or sending email to info@webcrossing.com.