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Trinfinity Software releases Seagull Video Player version 2.0

NEW YORK, N.Y. – – February 13, 2002 – – Trinfinity Software released today
an update to their very popular Seagull Video Player, the only Macintosh
application available today for easily creating video playlists and playing
them full screen on your computer.

With Seagull Video Player 2 you can have a virtually unlimited number of
playlists, each with as many videos as you like. They can be moved up or
down in the playlist or shuffled so that they play in random order. Videos
can be easily moved from one playlist to another using drag and drop.

Seagull Video Player 2 now displays much more information about each video!
The Playlists window displays the file name, file size, file path,
duration, dimensions, creator code, file type, creation date, modification
date, video name, video creation date, video format and video track count
for each video. Users can choose what information is shown in the Playlists
window by using the Preferences window. Playlists can be sorted by video
property in ascending or descending order.

In Full Screen Mode, Seagull Video Player plays videos on the entire
screen. The cursor and the menu bar are hidden so there are no
distractions. The videos are also automatically displayed at the largest
size, without disturbing the aspect ratio.

Seagull Video Player costs $20.00 ($19.95 if you purchase online) for a
single user license. Registered Seagull Video Player 1.x users can upgrade
to Seagull Video Player 2.0 for $10.00. New users can download and evaluate
Seagull Video Player 2.0 for 30 days.

Seagull Video Player 2.0 has a number of exciting new features, including:

– Supports multiple playlists.
– Playlist window displays more information about each video, including file
name, path, size, duration, dimensions, format, creator code, file type,
creation date, modification date, video track count, and format.
– Users can now sort their playlists by video properties (mentioned above)
in ascending or descending order.
– Users can choose which information to display in the Playlists window
using the Preferences window.
– Users can select the font and font size used in the Playlists window using
the Preferences window.
– The Playlists window now has a much larger preview area.
– New “Move To…” option allows the user to move videos to a specific
position in the playlist with just a few clicks.
– The Playlists window now displays the total number of videos, total
running time, and total size of the videos in the current playlist.
– New System Volume window allows you to change the volume without leaving
the application.
– New Video Information window allows the user to edit some of the video

Other important features:

– Simple, easy to use interface.
– Supports many of the video formats that are supported in QuickTime. (MPEG,
MOV, AVI, etc.)
– In Full Screen Mode, videos are automatically played at the largest size
without disturbing the aspect ratio.
– In Window Mode, videos can be played at their original size, half their
original size, twice their original size, or the maximum size that will fit
on the screen.
– Add an entire folder of videos to the playlist with the Add Folder button.
– Add individual video files to the playlist with the Add Video button.
– Remove individual or a group of video files from the playlist with the
Remove button.
– Users can control the order of the videos in their playlist by using the
“Video Up”, “Video Down”, “Shuffle Videos”, or “Move To..” options of the
Organize button.
– Playlist window contains a preview area, where you can play a miniature
version of any video file in the playlist.
– Play, Pause, Stop, Next Video, and Previous Video controls.
– On-line help available via Balloon Help.


Seagull Video Player 2 is available for the following platforms:

– Macintosh PowerPC
– Macintosh Carbon for MacOS X

Seagull Video Player 2.0 is available for download at: