Web Dumper v1.2
Max Programming, LLC February, 13 2002

Maxprog is proud to present another update of its web tool product named
‘Web Dumper’ a full featured internet tool that allows users to download
web sites for offline browsing.

What’s new in this release?

=B7 Bandwidth selector. Allow user to give more Bandwidth to the app.
=B7 Web Dumper can be forced to process deeper URLs only.
=B7 User URL entry is now checked and completed if necessary.
=B7 Better local re-link.

Screenshots available at: http://www.maxprog.com/WebDumperShots.html

Web Dumper overview

If you are viewing a Web site with your browser and you decide that you
would like to make a copy of it on your hard drive, you have to manually
save each page as you view it along with embedded pictures, sounds and so
on. This can be a very long and tedious process, and in many cases it’s
more trouble than it’s worth. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, as
Web Dumper makes this whole process very fast and easy.

With Web Dumper you can download entire Web sites off of the Internet, and
save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded Web
sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact.
Web Dumper automatically downloads HTML documents along with their embedded
pictures, sounds, movies and so on while it screens them to look for any
enclosed links to other documents.

Web Dumper lets you select which kinds of file you want to be dumped
between more than 60 available standard types, the folder depth level, how
links must be processed and if it must re-link your HTML documents for
offline browsing.

You can get Web Dumper both for MacOS Classic or X at:

Classic: http://www.maxprog.com/shareware/WebDumper.sit
MaxOS X: http://www.maxprog.com/shareware/WebDumper-X.sit

alternate links:

Classic: http://www.maxprog.net/shareware/WebDumper.sit
MaxOS X: http://www.maxprog.net/shareware/WebDumper-X.sit

We value your feedback and we’d love to hear what you have to say.
Please e-mail us at dev@maxprog.com with your comments and suggestions.
(Be as descriptive as posible).

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