Picture Play 1.5 has been officially released as of February, 2002.

It includes a plethora of interface enhancements, bug fixes, and new
features and is the first truly major update to Picture Play. If you are
currently using Picture Play, we are sure that this new version will
increase your productivity and expand the possibilities of what can be
achieved with Picture Play to a great extent. It is really worth the

Picture Play 1.5 is available in Carbon form for Mac OS 8.5 and later,
including Mac OS X.

You can grab it from our site at http://www.crescendosw.com

Picture Play is an application for creating compositions of many images. It
is basically an electronic collage. You can use it to incorporate multiple
images into a single artistic image, and add editable text layers as well.

Picture Play is proudly available exclusively for the Mac OS and Made With


New Features and Enhancements :
* Translucent rulers are now available if needed and show mouse
coordinates and object position
* Text Objects are now fully editable so you can change them over
time as needed without locking yourself into the initial style and
* Zoomable work area with available values of 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50,
100, 200, 400, 800, and 1600 percent viewing
* New distort tool squashes images for some interesting effects
* Rewrite of graphics engine makes Picture Play quicker and smarter
* Resizable and zoomable trim window allowing for large images
* Proportional resizing window
* Easier to use and more compliant interface
* Major speed increases in some Object Tools
* More efficient saving and opening of documents
* Redesigned preferences panel is more intuitive and less cluttered
* Picture Play now comes in one Carbon version so you don’t have to
worry about downloading the correct version
* Text Objects can be rendered into Image Objects using the “Render
Text…” tool
* Changes to the format of the preferences files for a much quicker start up
* The tint, mosaic, and rotate tools can be previewed
* Modified windows show their state in OS X in the close widget
* Last used window dimensions are remembered for next new document
* Converted units round more appropriately to two decimal places
Bug Fixes
* Export and print now display whole work area not just the current window view
* Many small nips and tucks – far too many to mention


* Fully independent multi-layered work space
* Support for many image file formats
* Simple, uncluttered interface
* Zoomable work area with translucent rulers
* Selectable work units of pixels, inches, centimetres, or millimetres
* Transparency, rotation, trimming, and more image manipulation tools
* Built-in editable styled text creation for labels and headings
* Independent background color and image
* Powerful display options to suit all systems and styles
* Export capability to many image file formats for layers and the document
* Cheap and easy registration
* Proudly made with REALbasic

If you have any queries, email me at support@crescendosw.com.

Chris Carruthers, Crescendo Software.