callas software at Seybold Seminars New York 2002,
20 – 22 February. Featuring products for the PDF based workflow at
Adobe Solutions Network, booth # 401

callas software showcasing new technology for the PDF based workflow:

pdfInspektor2 – next generation preflight technology

pdfInspektor2 – next generation preflight tool for PDF; catches every
detail; break-out view of PDF file makes it easy to precisely identify
elements that cause problems; predefined profiles for commercial, news,
gravure and digital printing and for PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-3; runs with Adobe
Acrobat 4 and 5 on Macintosh and Windows; AutoPilot enabled and fully
automated version available.

pdfSaveAsPdf1.3 – Security in the PDF-Workflow

pdfSaveAsPDF1.3 is a new Plug-In for Adobe Acobat that allows users to save
PDF files for Adobe Acrobat 4 compatability, thus avoiding workflow
problems during the transition period from the use of PDF 1.3 to PDF 1.4.

MadeToPrint – the right output at the right time

MadeToPrint organizes file export or printing in different formats using
any number of PostScript printers simultaneously under Adobe Acrobat and
Adobe InDesign. MadeToPrint saves profiles in individually named settings
and serves multiple jobs to different devices in a single one-hit operation.

AutoPilot – automating PDF workflow

In order to cope with the high volumes of data, most production departments
have to think seriously about automating their PDF workflow. AutoPilot
meets these needs by automating the preflighting, output, creation of
previews and much more. Based on a sophisticated hot folder mechanism,
AutoPilot guarantees the automatic processing of files through other
compliant applications, plug-ins or Apple Scripts – totally hands-free, 24
hours a day.

QXPlan2 – editorial production planning and tracking

QXPlan2 – an Acrobat based production planning und tracking solution for ad
and editorial production as well as for professional prepress facilities –
from building your pages in major layout applications and workflow systems
to imaging your proofs and plates. Highly intuitive setup for one off jobs
as well as reoccuring production tasks like newspapers, magazines or
catalogues and continuous visual tracking of production progress as a
client server solution.

callas software – experts in PDF technology for publishing and prepress

callas software – pioneers in extending workflow solutions for desktop
publishing. High profile plug-in solutions, PDF know-how, automation
expertise and workflow technology. With many years of experience in the
development of advanced technology for major print and publishing houses
all over the world, callas software masters today’s challenges and provides
solutions across platforms and applications, serving Adobe Acrobat and
Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Quark Publishing System (QPS) and QuarkDMS
based workflows.