Stockholm Sweden

Code 66 and 3TAG AB have created a REALbasic plug-in that allows REALbasic
made application running on Mac OSX to do some new cool stuff.

The plug-in contains two controls and one “global methods pack”

HotKey control
This control can register a GlobalHotKey combination, and when that HotKey
combination is pressed, the controls EventHandler will be called.

KeyCode control
This control allows for tapping the virtual keycodes for keys pressed.
Useful for configuring GlobalHotKeys.

“Global methods”
PostKeyEvent methods
Those methods allows REALbasic made applications to post keydown and keyup
events to the system, which will be received by the frontmost application.

The plugins exists in a demoversion and a realversion.

Demoversions can be downloaded at the Code 66 REALbasic corner.


“Hobby” developers, $8
Pro developers and high volume shareware developers, $25

// Totte Alm
Code 66 & 3TAG AB