InterMapper (R) 3.6 ships

Hanover, NH. (29 Jan 2002). Dartware LLC announces the immediate
availability of the final version of its InterMapper 3.6 network monitoring
and alerting software. InterMapper is a MacOS X and Classic application
that monitors the servers, routers, switches and other devices on a network
as well as the local and wide area links that connect them, and can notify
the network manager about problems via audible alerts, e-mail, pages, and
cell-phone messages.

The 3.6 version has these new features:

* InterMapper Remote ™ support. InterMapper Remote is a new remote
viewer application that provides a live display of maps of the network via
the Internet.

* Background Images for Maps. Give context to maps by placing a
graphical image (such as a city map, campus map or floor plan) behind the
items in an InterMapper window. Now you’ll know that the router is in the
wiring closet on the third floor.

* Response Time Measurements. Measure the time a device takes to
respond. Chart and log measurements to monitor trends and watch for

* SNMPv2c and 64-bit Counters. Want an accurate display of the data
rates of very high-speed interfaces? Now you can poll SNMPv2c MIB variables
for devices that support 64-bit counters.

* Persistent Chart Data. Write chart data to disk – and restore it
even after quitting and relaunching. Save unlimited amounts of strip chart
data with an unlimited number of values.

* Outages Window. This new window provides easy way to review recent
outages and their durations.

* Multiple Log Files. Save different kinds of log information to
several log files to separate the major failure alerts from Web page access
logs, etc.

* New Probes. Test Simple Network Pager Protocol (SNPP) servers.

You can download the final version of InterMapper from the following URL:

For more information, please visit the InterMapper web site at: