OpenOSX Publishes PHP 4.1.2 Package

SWALL MEADOWS, Calif.–(OPENOSX-INC)–March 8th, 2002 -OpenOSX, Inc., a
leading provider of easy to-use, world-class open-source software, today
published a PHP 4.1.2 package that brings state-of-the-art dynamic web page
generation to the Mac OS 10.1.x desktop.

Without typing a single “UNIX” command, the OpenOSX package will install
PHP 4.1.2 and dependent libraries: PDF Lib 4.0.2, Libcurl and Freetype

PHP is rapidly becoming a standard language for creating dynamic web
content (dynamic in the sense of the generation of web pages are rendered
on the fly and/or from databases). As of January 2002, there were 7.5
million domains registered on the Internet that were running PHP. Visit
( for a graph and more information.

PHP allows the web author to easily execute any AppleScript, shell or java
script, and any executable on the system and optionally return or parse the
output via a web browser. Php also has a robust host of built-in functions.

PHP 4.1.2 address recently discovered security vulnerabilities, and is
strongly recommend for all users of PHP to update to 4.1.2.

The OpenOSX PHP 4.1.2 package was built with following options enabled: XML,
MySQL, PostgreSQL, FreeType, iODBC, Tiff Lib, JPEG Lib, Z Lib, FTP, GD, WDDX,
BC Math, Exif, Trans SID and Track Vars.

Support will only be provided to customers and subscription members of the
OpenOSX OpenWeb 2.1 CD and the OpenOSX OpenDB 2.1 CD who may require
assistance with installation of the package.

The package is available for free and immediate downloading from:

OpenOSX, Inc. is a company dedicated to serving the Macintosh community. As
a previous professional system administrator, the founder of OpenOSX
realizes that many computer users loathe the “Unix” command-line and
OpenOSX is committed to bringing popular Unix software to the
“Unix-challenged” and seasoned system administrators alike.