Albuquerque, NM; January 28, 2002

Beehive Software replaces ftp (File Transfer Protocol), the old Internet
standard for file transfer, with “Beehive Https”. This SSL-secure file
transfer client is available for Mac, Windows, and Browser platforms. This
new secure protocol breakthrough is another piece of the Beehive file
transfer framework designed to bring reliable, secure, file transfer
solutions to the Graphic Arts, Newspaper, and Engineering Reprographics

Beehive Https replaces obsolete, unsecure, ftp servers with special
Beehive, secure, Apache web servers. Now anybody on the Internet can
securely send Gigabyte files to any other user that has a current browser
and an email address.

The Beehive Https protocol brings printers, newspapers and other
imagesetting companies 5 key file transfer improvements:

* Beehive Https is proxy server tolerant – there are no more blocked
file transfers at corporate firewalls;
* Beehive Https uses SSL for completely secure file transmission –
printers can now receive files from security conscious, legal,
financial, DOD and medical clients;
* Beehive Https uses the Apache web server as the file server –
printers no longer have to run an ftp server in addition to their web
* Beehive Https has built-in, streaming file compression – users do
not have to pre-compress files;
* Beehive Https is multi-platform (Mac, Windows, Browser, Linux) –
file transfers are available to any user.

Beehive Https is the final piece of a Beehive 7 part file transfer framework:

1) Simple as 1-2-3, drag and drop folder sending utilities for Macintosh,
and Windows Desktop Interfaces. Sending files in a production environment
is as Simple as: (1) – dragging the folder onto the Beehive icon, (2) –
Filling out the form that pops open, and (3) – Clicking “Send”.

2) Web e-mail style interface, similar to Hotmail or Yahoo for Browser
users. Web e-mail users are comfortable with the user interface of
web-based email but are discouraged with the inability of e-mail to deliver
large files – Beehive https has no file size limits.

3) Smart html forms for creating job tickets, order forms, quoting forms
and more.
Using any standard html editor, administrators can create virtually any
form for use with Beehive. Beehive supplies a variety of templates for such
applications as on-line quoting, job tickets, on-line proof rendering,
auto-printing of courier shipping forms, auto-cataloging of digital assets
and more.

4) Automated file processing agents for Macintosh, Windows and LINUX.
Beehive provides the printing facility with their choice of Macintosh,
Windows or LINUX file processing agents for automatic handling of received
files. These agents save considerable processing time at the printing
facility by moving files, deleting files from the server, decoding
Macbinary files, decompressing files, printing forms, sending receipts and
notifications and executing any scripts that are loaded.

5) Internet Service Protocol for automatic updates and administration of
the file transfer network.
Administrators will never have to distribute file transfer client upgrades
again! All clients, Macintosh, Windows and Browser can automatically check
the central administrative site for new forms, images and software versions.

6) Internet Appliance or ASP Subscription Implementation options. Beehive
Software is sold in two ways : as an Appliance or as an ASP. As an
appliance, Beehive is $1995. As an ASP, Beehive costs $65.95 a month –
about the price of a cell phone!

7) Beehive Https – Secure, proxy-tolerant, standards-based, file transfer
with file compression.
Beehive Https uses the de facto Internet standard for web servers – Apache;
this ensures that virtually any environment can run Beehive Https. In
addition to using SSL to ensure that file transfers are secure, Beehive
Https also encapsulates a variety of special file transfer functions into
the Https protocol suite to enhance its functionality. For instance,
Beehive Https encapsulates built-in “On-the-Fly” streaming file
compression, which removes the overhead of pre-compressing files and
simplifies the sending process.

Beehive (including its private label versions) is the most widely installed
secure file transfer software in the printing, prepress and newspaper
industries with over 1200 site licenses and 20,000 end users. Beehive is
private labeled under several names including File Transfer Central by RR
Donnelley, PipLink by PIP Printing, DAX2 by Torque Systems, and ReproNet by
Service Point (U.K.). Beehive also runs at most Gannett newspapers.

The Beehive Software Corporation
Developers of Beehive File Transfer Software, the SendFile.NET ASP,
and Beehive Internet Appliances. Providing Printing, Prepress,
Newspaper and Medical Imaging file transfer solutions.

3939 San Pedro Drive NE, Bldg. C Ste. 4
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Ph: 505.872.4445
Fax: 505.872.4451
email contact: mbennett@thebeehive.com