JANUARY 28, 2002

ODBC Router Goes Multi-Processor

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: August Software today delivered updated ODBC drivers and
SDKs that now provide multi-threaded Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
support to applications on Mac OS, Mac OS X, Apple Darwin, Yellow Dog
PowerPC Linux, Windows, Red Hat Linux and Linux Mandrake. Today’s new
software release enables applications to launch multiple SQL database
threads that run concurrently against one or more host databases, thereby
substantially increasing overall performance. On Mac OS X, today’s delivery
also enables Darwin or Carbon style applications to fully utilize all of
the available PowerPC chips in a multiple processor Mac for SQL database

Available now at, August Software’s free ODBC drivers, SDKs
and its low cost ODBC Router provide access to virtually any SQL database
system including MS-Access, ORACLE, Pick/Universe, SQLServer, SYBASE, DB/2
and many others.

About August Software
Founded in 1990, August Software provides enterprise database software on
the web at August Software maintains a dedication to
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