Apple has upgraded the software bundle that ships pre-installed on new Power Mac G4 systems. In addition to its “digital hub” applications — iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes and iDVD (on SuperDrive models) — Apple is including Art Director’s Toolkit (ADT), which let’s “you do everything from viewing every possible character in a font, to identifying the point size of an eighth of an inch Helvetica ‘M’ and capturing the actual color of a pixel on your screen.” Non-Apple applications include PixelNHance image enhancer from Caffeine Software, Snapz Pro image and movie capture application from Ambrosia Software, GraphicConverter from Lemke Software, FAXstf X from SmithMicro, PCalc scientific calculator from James Thomson, and graph drawing package OmniGraffle and outliner/organizer OmniOutliner from the Omni Group. All of the applications are Mac OS X versions.