Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Jan 15th, 2002

Rainer Brockerhoff announces the immediate availability of Zingg! 1.1, an
update to the fast launch contextual menu for Mac OS X.

Zingg! shows a list of all applications that claim to open the selected
file. The user can select certain applications to be always included or
always excluded from the list, and Classic applications may receive special

Nearly 9000 copies of Zingg! 1.0 have been downloaded in just 20 days!

New in version 1.1:
– Zingg! now resolves symbolic links prior to checking for duplicate
entries in the application list. If you have moved or duplicated your
Applications folder using symbolic links, only one copy of each
application will show up.
– Activating “Caps Lock”” will show full pathnames in the menu. This
was actually implemented in 1.0, but not documented.
– The installer now allows you to select either the User Domain
(~/Library/Contextual Menu Items) or the Local Domain
(/Library/Contextual Menu Items) for installation; you can also just
uninstall an existing copy of Zingg!.
– Zingg! now works in any application or file browser that provides
file contexts to the default contextual menu, such as Sherlock’s
lower pane.
– Now you can select multiple rows in the application list and change
them all at once.
– There’s a new option to show “(always)” and “(default)” comments
after applications that are always included, or that are the default
application for one of the selected items, respectively.
– Now you can select where the “Configure Zingg!…” menu item will
appear in the contextual menu: at top, at bottom, or only if “Caps
Lock” is activated.

Zingg! 1.1 is freeware and can be downloaded from the product information
page at: Mac OS X
10.1 is required, 10.1.2 recommended.

Contact Rainer Brockerhoff ( for details.