DeBabelizer Pro 5 is the First Automated Graphics Processor for Apple’s
Next Generation Operating System

MACWORLD 2002, SAN FRANCISCO, CA., JANUARY 7, 2002–Equilibrium, a leader
in automated imaging solutions and majority-owned operating company of
CMGI, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMGI), today announced the availability of DeBabelizer
Pro 5 for Mac OS X. DeBabelizer Pro 5 is the professional software for
automatically preparing images, animations, and digital video for delivery
in virtually any medium. DeBabelizer Pro 5 includes powerful batch
processing capabilities such as automated Web catalog publishing.

As a native Mac OS X application, DeBabelizer Pro 5 leverages the strengths
of Apple’s next generation operating system to process, optimize and
convert still images and QuickTime movies faster than ever before,” said
Chris Samaniego, chief technology officer at Equilibrium. “With the
powerful scripting features for big projects, and hot folders for quick
tasks, DeBabelizer Pro 5 benefits both the experienced power user, as well
as the novice artist, by automating their workflow.”

“Combining the most powerful graphics technologies with rock-solid
stability, Mac OS X is the platform of choice for creative users managing a
digital media workflow,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of
Worldwide Developer Relations. “Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5 delivers
outstanding automated processing capabilities and is a key application for
creative professionals who want to work with Mac OS X full time.”

Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5 users work in all areas of the digital
convergence: Web, wireless, game development, publishing, multimedia
presentations, animation and digital video. DeBabelizer serves as the
center of digital media workflow, enabling users to save time and
production costs by automatically processing, optimizing, and converting
images and multi-frame files from one medium to the next.

Powerful Batch Processing
DeBabelizer Pro 5 automates hundreds of repetitive editing, optimization
and file translation tasks. With the hot folder feature, a digital artist
can drag and drop an unlimited number of files into a pre-scripted folder
for immediate batch processing. DeBabelizer Pro 5 is expandable with
AppleScript, allowing power users to create custom workflows with QuickTime
5 and other AppleScript-able applications. DeBabelizer Pro 5 also has
powerful conditional scripting abilities and a Batch Automation feature
that allows Web designers to automatically create online catalogs with
thumbnails, high-resolution JPEGs and associated HTML code.

Color Compression and Optimization
DeBabelizer Pro 5 gives content designers the most control over color depth
and palette optimization. Using the award-winning SuperPalette technology,
artists can create an optimized color palette for a series of images
automatically. With four dithering options, enhanced GIF and JPEG
compression, and dozens of built-in color palettes, DeBabelizer Pro 5
allows for the best looking graphics at the smallest file sizes on any
delivery platform.

Pricing and Availability
Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5 for Mac OS X is now available. In North
America, DeBabelizer Pro 5 ships at an estimated street price of $469.
DeBabelizer Pro 5 will be available for purchase through traditional
software distribution channels, including Ingram Micro, retail dealers, and
mail order. Interested parties outside North America should contact their
local distributor for pricing and availability. For the name of an
Equilibrium authorized reseller in your area, call 415.453.4427 or visit
Equilibrium Web site www.equilibrium.com.

About Equilibrium
Based in San Rafael, California, Equilibrium is a majority-owned operating
company of CMGI, Inc. As a recognized leader in automated imaging
solutions, the company’s award-winning DeBabelizer has automated digital
asset preparation on the desktop for over a decade. The MediaRich family of
products builds upon Equilibrium’s expertise in automation to bring
state-of-the-art tools to the enterprise, enabling companies to reduce
production time and expenses, while creating a more engaging customer
experience. For additional information, contact Equilibrium at 415.451.7600
or visit www.equilibrium.com/products/deBabelizer/index.jsp