TRENDnet’s ( $109.99 AC1900 High-Power Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter is designed to conveniently upgrade the wireless speeds on your desktop computer or laptop.

This adapter features high-power radio amplifiers and high-gain antennas to support speeds up 1300 Mbps on the Wireless AC band, and up to 600 Mbps on the wireless N band. In addition to the boost to your Wi-Fi speeds, TRENDnet’s AC1900 wireless USB adapter expands the reach of your wireless network, and targeted beamforming technology directs stronger location-based wireless signals to your client devices.

To maintain a high-speed connection, TRENDnet’s new AC1900 wireless USB adapter comes included with a convenient 3.3 foot USB 3.0 cable; the length of the cable is ideally designed for use with both a desktop PC or laptop setup. The new adapter supports both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.