Adobe today announced GoLive 6.0 and LiveMotion 2.0, new versions of its Web authoring and Web animation software. GoLive 6.0 sports new site management and collaboration capabilities via the GoLive 6.0 Web Workgroup Server, wireless authoring (XHTML, CHTML, XML), and “unparalleled support for incorporating print and video content in the Web design cycle.” LiveMotion 2.0, meanwhile, features tighter integration with other Adobe products, AppleScript and JavaScript support, an enhanced timeline model, and more. Both products will ship later this quarter with native Mac OS X support for US$399 each, or bundled together for $449. LiveMotion 2.0 will also be available separately at the introductory price of $199 for a limited time. Finally, Adobe today also announced that it has begun shipping AfterEffects 5.5, the Mac OS X-compatible upgrade to its motion graphics and visual effects software.