FaronStudio’s PixPlant 3 (http://www.pixplant.com) is an update to their professional texturing tool for Mac OS X and Windows. The app offers an integrated environment for the creation of 3D maps from plain photos.

Select an image, run PixPlant, and the result is seamless texture maps. The app is used by those in the architectural visualization, interior design, 3D virtual prototyping, visual FX and game development industries.

Based on real-life photos, PixPlant generates interesting realistic textures without the complication of procedural texture generation tools. It provides easy 3D map editing with whole-image tools as well as displacement sculpting and image painting tools and real-time 3D rendering preview of the 3D maps.

PixPlant 3.0 is available for purchase and download at the PixPlant website. On the Mac platform it requires Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. A demo is available. Registration is US$175.

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